Sep 6, 2014

Summary of the results of quiz on PM's speech

This post is related to the report on the quiz based on PM's speech during teacher's day. I have republished the summary here after removing certain parts which could give away the students identity.


12ANo Students0%

Questions begin here

Q1. How would you describe the PM's oratory skills?

a) He is a very vocal speaker11750%
b) He is a very convincing speaker20687%
c) He knows the pulse of the crowd16871%
d) He is a shrewd speaker3013%

Q2. According to the PM - how effective is experience as a teacher?

a) Learning from experience cannot be a sure deal as one can interpret the same experience in different ways14461%
b) Learning from experience is practical and hence garuntees learning13658%
c) Experience can only motivate you to learn, but cannot teach you anything directly11549%
d) Experience can only teach the one who is willing to learn13858%

Q3. Which of the following is a primary according to the PM?

a) Dreaming big things188%
b) Experiencing the world4419%
c) Dreaming about doing things10946%
d) Doing things6427%

Q4. When the PM narrated an experience regarding an invitation to speak somewhere, what did he comment about the nature of Man?

a) Every person tries to describe himself6528%
b) Every person tries to identify himself9540%
c) Every person tries to define himself5021%
d) Every person tries to analyze himself2611%

Q5. Which of the following qualities, did the PM (directly) imply, that a teacher must have?

a) Should work harder than others7130%
b) Should be disciplined13457%
c) Should give importance to the ability of student18378%
d) Should not discriminate (even on the basis of ability)19984%

Q6. What were his comments about mischief by a student / child?

a) Its wrong to do mischief in class219%
b) Its normal to be mischievous9440%
c) Its good to be mischievous3414%
d) Its necessary to be mischievous8737%

Q7. What seems to be the PM's opinions on the issue of Man and Nature?

a) We should be apologetic for using or abusing the nature13055%
b) We should not do anything to harm nature20085%
c) Waste not, want not5624%
d) We should learn to live with nature21189%

Q8. What seems to be the PM's opinions on the issue of Climate Change?

a) Its a hyped up idea3414%
b) Its a transient phenomenon, not to be worried about6829%
c) Its is misconception7030%
d) Its a severe problem6226%

Q9. What are the PM's plans to change India (education-wise)?

a) Toilets for girl child10243%
b) Digital India10946%
c) Toilets for all women188%
d) Tablets for every student63%

Q9. What are the PM's plans to change India (education-wise)?

a) Toilets for girl women6126%
b) Digital India8134%
c) All Indian students should read9139%
d) Tablets for every student31%

Q10. What were his comments on skill based education?

a) Degrees are not required2812%
b) Degrees are not enough14762%
c) Practical learning is necessary20587%
d) Learning should have more activities so students can practice what they learn222