Apr 1, 2007

Back to a Summer School

Hello everybody,
I had promised people that I would put up the National Science Day movies & pics on the net, but since the 28th Feb celebrations, things have been running at a hectic pace. Many decisions to be taken regarding the coming academic year and the ongoing exams took all of my time. Besides I have to prepare for the next National Astronomy Olympiad scheduled to happen in May. So all you 9th & 11th Std students will have to wait a while longer...
In fact some of you could help me make a proper video out of the 30-odd min film I took at the NSD. This could be a good summer activity.
So here we are with the summer vacations and the Summer School 2007. If the prospect of being at school the whole of April sounds too boring to you, do check out the plans this year. I am sure something or the other might interest you. For the uninitiated the SS 2007 is an activity where students of secondary & higher secondary participate in various research & work experience projects for about 20 days under the guidance of someone from the school or an expert from outside. Basically its objectives are three-fold:
  1. To allow students to try their hands at real life jobs so as to be able to check out possible career options
  2. To distract the staff from regular drudgery and allow them to try teaching new courses, so as to polish the skills they had learnt a while ago but never had a chance to use.
  3. To be a test-bench for various ideas which could be later employed in regular schooling under the aegis of our Activity-Based Learning Program

So here's your chance to do something useful and interesting this summer. Hope to see you on Tuesday the 3rd of April to finalize enrollment. The Summer School begins on the 5th.